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What is Cloud Gaming?

Video games have become increasingly complicated both in terms of graphics and mechanics and so they require higher-quality computer specs to run properly. It’s unlikely to be playing games in 2021 on an old computer or unless it’s upgraded. Cloud gaming is a technique which allows you to play games on any device provided there is a stable internet connection.

Cloud browse this site how to make your information sensitive business a security conscious environment gaming servers manage the processing of video games, and not your device’s hardware. They accomplish this by sending you compressed frames in response to input. The cloud-based server gets your input when you press the key. It then sends a new frame to you in response. It’s a simple idea, but the bandwidth required to transmit these videos in real-time is extremely. This has always slowed cloud gaming, but the recent advances in cellular networks and edge computing have enabled cloud gaming to grow.

As a result, platforms like Stadia and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now can stream games with near-real quality to devices that have different levels of power. They also avoid the huge downloads and setup processes of installing a new game on your device that is crucial for those with fluctuating network conditions. Cloud gaming isn’t yet a reality. There are still many obstacles to overcome, including problems with bandwidth and latency.